Organisational Mentorship

Social science mentoring for leaders

& Tailored Consultancy

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If you run a conservation NGO you know that understanding and influencing people is key to achieving your strategic conservation targets. And you need to use your resources wisely to do it.

But how do you focus your time and budget to integrate social science into your organisational strategy, governance, operations and research?

How do you go beyond training specific staff to running an organisation that can fully implement and benefit from social science approaches?

Putting social science to work effectively requires new thinking. I bring my expertise and leadership experience working across strategy, science, policy and research teams to help you explore what will work for your organisation.

Tailored consultancy

Every organisation will face unique challenges and possess unique opportunities. And every organisation will be able to make effective changes, without blowing your budget.

With over a decade of experience working with NGOs of all sizes I can help you envision, plan and implement organisational change that will get you to your conservation goals quicker and more effectively. We start with an initial consultation and you decide where to go from there.

I can work with you to:

  • understand the potential for social science to help your strategic aims

  • define key organisational areas of focus to achieve the greatest impact

  • identify challenges and enablers to integrating social science across departments, teams or projects

  • help you align strategies so you make most impact with your finds and research

  • provide ongoing support as you start to implement changes

If you are a leader of a small-medium sized NGO I invite you to get in touch. Let’s discuss how you can make the most of social science to achieve your conservation aims.  Email us at and we’ll find a time to talk.

“The course helped me more clearly see the benefits of social science enquiry to my research, have confidence to explore this further and understand things I can put in place to support the development of a social science approach in conservation”

Dr Lucy Woodall
University of Oxford