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Human Nature empowers conservation professionals and organisations to build their capacity to access and use social science for greater conservation impacts

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How can we help you?

Essentials of Conservation Social Science

Our one day, online training course to build your knowledge and confidence of conservation social science.   Explore what social science is, how it’s done and why it’s fundamental to conservation.

Qualitative Methods for Conservation

Learn how to design, deliver and analyse qualitative research.  With a focus on interviews and qualitative questionnaires, you’ll get the training and practice to hone your skills in collecting and analysing text based methods. 

Available online or in person (London, UK).

Catalysts Programme

Are you the social science champion in your organisation?

This eight month programme will support a small group of five people who are leading an organisational change in the way social science evidence is used.

Learn to make a big impact,in a
series of small actions.

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About Me

I believe that humans don’t have to be part of the problem, they are the solution. I see a growing appetite in individuals and organisations to do better – the desire to make changes to how they go about life and business so we have a more harmonious relationship with the natural world.

“I completed the Introduction to Social Science for conservation course, this is an area I hadn’t had much involvement with previously in my marine science evidence role but is becoming increasingly important. The intense 3 day course has helped me both in an immediate impact on my thinking in day to day work such as running stakeholder engagement in projects and also in my longer term thinking in terms of how I can support MMO teams more strategically in social and behavioural work in the future.”

Chris Graham
Marine Management Organisation

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How do we keep our cool as the temperature rises?

The importance of wellbeing for conservation professionals One of my most fundamental beliefs, one that underpins all the work I do in Human Nature, is that people have the potential to be a force for good as we tackle ecological and climate crises. Whilst human...

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Reflections on ICCB

You may have spotted on social media that I was at the 31st International Congress for Conservation Biology in Rwanda last week.  It was a really good trip, good to do all the things we've learnt to appreciate about in person events recently.  (And of...

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