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Human Nature empowers conservation professionals, organisations and households to have a more positive impact on the planet through training, collaboration and support.

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Introduction to Conservation Social Science (Jan 2022)

Social Scientists bring new ways of looking at the ecosystems which are fundamental to the health of our planet. Through completing this course, you will gain a solid foundation in social science disciplines and methods and how these can be usefully applied to conservation. 

Is conservation social science the jigsaw piece you need?

Reduce your footprint - now open!

Reducing your footprint is important to you. But where do you start? Where should you concentrate your efforts? Maybe friends or family don’t feel the same way you do about climate change?

Our membership overcomes the overwhelm with Dr Rebecca Jefferson guiding and supporting in our welcoming community of like-minded individuals just like you.

My Specialisations

Social science training

Enabling conservation professionals to integrate social science methods and research into your work.

Organisational mentorship

Supporting leaders to integrate social science and achieve conservation outcomes.

Reduce your footprint

Live well and feel good by making sustainable choices for you and the planet.


Learn to make a big impact,in a
series of small actions.

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About Me

I believe that humans don’t have to be part of the problem, they are the solution. I see a growing appetite in individuals and organisations to do better – the desire to make changes to how they go about life and business so we have a more harmonious relationship with the natural world.

“I completed the Introduction to Social Science for conservation course, this is an area I hadn’t had much involvement with previously in my marine science evidence role but is becoming increasingly important. The intense 3 day course has helped me both in an immediate impact on my thinking in day to day work such as running stakeholder engagement in projects and also in my longer term thinking in terms of how I can support MMO teams more strategically in social and behavioural work in the future.”

Chris Graham
Marine Management Organisation

Recent Blogs

Launching the Reduce your Footprint membership

Launching the Reduce your Footprint membership

It’s here!  Read on to find out more… The doors to the Reduce your Footprint membership are officially open!  For a long time I’ve been exploring how to take the work I do as a conservation scientist and use it to help the people I see who want to live in a...

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Finding energy to reach for your vision

Finding energy to reach for your vision

It feels a bit like living in two parallel universes at the moment. I keep hearing the views of people who have been energised by COP26.  People who have long valued the environment and hoped for a fairer society.  People who have been motivated by the recent focus of...

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Find some calm amidst the COP26 coverage

Find some calm amidst the COP26 coverage

This week the world is focused on Glasgow.  For the 13 days of COP26, we hold onto hope with every cell of our being.  We hope that the world’s leaders reach the bold agreements needed to set a pathway to reduce the impacts of the biodiversity and climate...

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