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Unlocking the power
of social science for people and planet

Human Nature empowers conservation professionals, organisations and households to have a more positive impact on the planet through training, collaboration and support.

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My Specialisations

Social science training

Enabling conservation professionals to integrate social science methods and research into your work.

Organisational mentorship

Supporting leaders to integrate social science and achieve conservation outcomes.

Reduce your footprint

Live well and feel good by making sustainable choices for you and the planet.


Learn to make a big impact,in a
series of small actions.

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About Me

I believe that humans don’t have to be part of the problem, they are the solution. I see a growing appetite in individuals and organisations to do better – the desire to make changes to how they go about life and business so we have a more harmonious relationship with the natural world.

“I completed the Introduction to Social Science for conservation course, this is an area I hadn’t had much involvement with previously in my marine science evidence role but is becoming increasingly important. The intense 3 day course has helped me both in an immediate impact on my thinking in day to day work such as running stakeholder engagement in projects and also in my longer term thinking in terms of how I can support MMO teams more strategically in social and behavioural work in the future.”

Chris Graham
Marine Management Organisation

Recent Blogs

How do you do yours?

How do you do yours?

There are lots of ways to use social sciences in your conservation work.  Here I share a few, and I’d love to know what you do. One of the lovely things about the work I do at Human Nature is hearing the different ways people are using conservation social sciences in...

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A bit more about Human Nature

A bit more about Human Nature

In the last blog I shared an update of what’s been happening over the last year or so for Human Nature, and the plans for this autumn.  This week, I want to tell you a bit more about what Human Nature does and why. At the core of Human Nature is a belief that...

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Looking back and looking forwards

Looking back and looking forwards

It’s been a while since I posted a blog, and we all know why!  The plan is that this will be the start of a more regular blog presence – hopefully more successful than the launch of the Weekly Read in February 2020... Here’s an update on some of the Human Nature work...

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